Friday, May 22, 2015

Brad Bird's Tomorrowland Review

I’ve been in theater yesterday evening to watch Brad Bird’s Tomorrowland, and i liked it a lot. I think it’s a great film done with talent and courage and it was needed to do a movie on this subject, not so easy to transform in a movie. And, although there is plenty of action, that’s why you have sequences of « talks » which are needed to explain what is going on. By the way it’s also probably the reason why the story was kept secretly as it was probably impossible to really explain it and make sure it has been well understood without any misunderstanding. On the « paper » it’s pretty simple and one of the good idea is that the movie stands on a feeling that almost all of us have: why the future looked like a bright, big, beautiful tomorrow in the 1960’s and is now looking so dark, if not « no future »? The film has its own explanation which fit well with the story ( but not for the « real » reality ) with a secret society called Plus Ultra created by great visionaries like H.G Wells, Jules Verne, Edison, Einstein, and Walt Disney among others, and Brad Bird does a good job, as well as each actors, all perfect, to keep the story “believable“ - if i can say.

The film, though, miss greatness by a few inches but Brad Bird is not to blame because, although the movie concept is fascinating and there is a lot to say and write about it, it’s extremely hard to create a story out of it. And i know what i’m talking about as i’m myself trying to do a script since years which would talk about why the world is getting mad and i don’t succeed to find the way to transform it in something which can make a film. And i think that probably no one can do it, except may be Stanley Kubrick who unfortunately passed away. The reason why is that we’re talking here about something which belongs to the part of the “invisible“ in life and it’s very hard to transmit that in a popular movie. Kubrick did it wonderfully in Eyes Wide Shut, a movie talking about what it really is to be a couple and the invisible link between two people, but he had the chance to have found the perfect story to tell it. 

To come back to Tomorrowland which talk about the future i think that Brad Bird and his co-writers really did the best they could do to transmit this message about the future, and what we must do, even if Tomorrowland is not really a "film message“  in the intellectual meaning of the word. But Brad Bird find also his limits in Tomorrowland and, with all the respect and admiration i can have for his films - i loved all of them - he is not Kubrick and don’t have this ability to reach and transmit a fifth dimension that Kubrick had. That said, Tomorrowland is full of idealism and even innocence and it’s the most charming part of it, with of course the great visuals. I’m curious to see how it will work at the box office and what people will think of it. I think it will be fifty / fifty but that’s not important as i’m sure that you will take great pleasure watching it.

Picture: copyright Disney

Disneyland at Opening Day LIFE Magazine Pictures

I have something great for you to celebrate Disneyland 60th Anniversary celebration. Those of you who are longtime readers of Disney and more may remember when i've found - and posted on D&M - these unbelievable treasure of 102 never-seen-before LIFE Magazine pictures shot at Disneyland by famous LIFE photographers on opening DAY in 1955!!!  LIFE released these old pictures without doing any retouch in the colors and all of them had too much magenta color.

When i've posted them on Disney and more in 2013 i didn't changed anything in the colors. As obviously Disneyland colors on opening day didn't had this excess of magenta my natural perfectionist nature pushed me to  spent sometime to bring back each picture in the natural colors. See above the difference before / after. And, to celebrate the start of Disneyland 60th celebration, i'm posting during five days starting this Friday the 102 pictures all again on the D&M Facebook page, land by land, so make sure to jump HERE to don't miss the repost of this treasure, this time with the right and glorious colors of the era!

Pictures: copyright Time - Life

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Skyacht One, a Yacht That Can Fly Designed by Eddie Sotto

Imagine a Yacht that can fly. That's what Eddie Sotto, the great WDI Imagineer show-producer of Main Street at Disneyland Paris, the Theme Building restaurant at LAX Airport, the L.A Rivera restaurant, and much more, has designed through his company Sotto Studios for Embraer. The plane is called Skyacht One and soars with it's hand painted "trompe l'oeil" mahogany "hull" and towering vertical stabilizer. I've posted on my Innoventions website the full article in which you can have a closer look to Eddie's new wonder with fantastic pictures and Skyacht One description, but first watch this video in which Eddie himself will present to you the gorgeous Skyacht One and then jump HERE.

Picture and video: copyright Sotto Studios and Embraer

Saturday, May 9, 2015

After 46 years of Waiting the Hat Box Ghost is Back at Disneyland Haunted Mansion - Perfect HD Video

That's it, the Hat Box Ghost is now part of Disneyland Haunted Mansion after 46 years of waiting! Here is the "perfect" video of the Hat Box Ghost, coming as usual from ThemeParkHD and I don't think we'll get a better HD low light video of the Hat Box Ghost than this one! 

The Hat Box Ghost is placed right after the bride in the attic, as you will see by yourself and it seems that this time, after 46 years, the effect is working, partly thanks to the use of mapping technology.

I remind you that i posts several posts each day on the D&M Facebook page, so don't forget to follow me HERE.

Video: copyright Theme Park HD

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Dreamworks, Time Warner to build world's biggest theme park in Zhuhai, China, with a U.S $32 Billion Investment ?

This may be a real "Breaking News" or may be not: Dreamworks, Time Warner to build world's biggest theme park in Zhuhai, China with a U.S $32 Billion Investment !

A Chinese article reports that China Business News announced nothing less than Warner and Dreamworks will build the biggest theme park in the world in China with an investment of 32 billion U.S dollars! Jump to D&M Facebook page HERE to read the full infos about this, and make sure to read this post till the end as i will tell you why it may be more important that it looks at first sight, if it's not a hoax as i have to say it include elements that i find suspect... 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Celebrate Disneyland Paris 23rd Anniversary with the Special offer on the Disneyland Paris, From Sketch to Reality Book !

Disneyland Paris will celebrate its 23rd Anniversary on April 12 and to celebrate it from April 10 to April 30 the "Disneyland Paris, From Sketch to Reality" book in its english regular and updated edition OR in its french collector edition is on sale at the special price of 60 € (+ 15 € shipping worldwide ). NOTE to buyers with a shipping address to ITALY or BELGIUM : For shipments to Belgium or Italy, the amount of shipping costs is 25 €. 

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Disneyland Paris From Sketch to Reality

Although you've probably heard about this beautiful book, many of you may have never seen a copy of it. So we've done a video presentation of the full book which will show you each of the 320 pages of the book! The book includes 750 pictures of the park, including 250 gorgeous renderings of Walt Disney Imagineering and stunning pictures of the park seen from above. The book is so big that it took us seven and a half minutes to show you the full book, and that's without stopping turning each pages! So, if you want to have a closer look at a page don't hesitate to stop the video!

Alain Littaye

Video: copyright Alain Littaye 2012

Thursday, February 19, 2015

From March 1st to March 15, Special Offer on the Disneyland Paris "From Sketch to Reality" Book at the Best Price Ever !

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Disneyland Paris From Sketch to Reality

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