Thursday, April 28, 2016

"Mickey and the Magician" at DLP Walt Disney Studios: An incredible show with amazing illusions.

Disneyland Paris released a new press release providing more details about the awaited Mickey and the Magician show which will start July 2 in the former Animagique theatre at the Walt Disney Studios park. Here it is:

Entertainment just keeps on creating new surprises at Disneyland Paris. This summer, the public will be able to enjoy "Mickey and the Magician" for the first time. This show, specially created for Walt Disney Studios Park, will star the mouse who started it all.

Mickey is poised to become the hero of a brand new story. Far from his recent roles of master of ceremonies, this new show will take him back to where Disney magic all began. He is embarking on a unique experience where magic fuels dreams. Mickey will learn valuable lessons from iconic Disney Magicians leading him to his dream of becoming a Magician. But these lessons are full of surprises, because, although enthusiastic by nature, Mickey is terribly clumsy.

A new adventure for Mickey

Go back in time to Paris at the turn of the 19th century… and enter a great Magician’s atelier, where the assistant is no other than a certain Mickey Mouse! Night has fallen. Tinker Bell has spread a little stardust. When he is given the task of cleaning up the atelier before sunrise, the young apprentice gets distracted! Nothing turns out as expected. Mickey finds himself accidentally transported to the most magical Disney film worlds. He becomes the hero in this incredible show where illusion is key and the audience find themselves plunged into a world of magic and delight.

A magical story

To illustrate this return to where the magic all began, the creators of "Mickey and the Magician" draw inspiration from the great illusionist Georges Méliès and the famous magician Robert-Houdin. This is not a traditional magic show. The illusions will form the basis of this brand new story. Disneyland Paris has called on the acclaimed magician Paul Kieve to create these illusions.   “It’s hard to think of the word ‘Disney’ without also thinking of the word ‘Magic’. I became fascinated with magic when I was 10 years old and was always inventing ideas in my head. One of the great things about working on ‘Mickey and the Magician' is that I can bring some of these ideas into reality!” said Paul Kieve.
“When I was 10 years old I was taken to Disneyland in California. Magic of course became my life, so to have the opportunity to bring wonderful magic into a permanent live show in Disneyland Paris, surrounded by these classic Disney characters is a dream come true for me. I’m excited that thousands and thousands of kids of all ages will be introduced not only to live magic, but to high quality live theatre by watching Mickey and the Magician. I hope it will be an experience they will never forget.”

Stars from Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Aladdin and Frozen all lend a hand

Every object has a story and the Magician’s secret attic is cluttered with amazing artefacts, curious props, and mysterious objects: a hat, a candlestick, a zoetrope, a lamp and a crystal ball among other things. Distracted from his task, Mickey stirs the magic within each object. He then embarks upon an extraordinary journey strewn with breath-taking illusions magical moments, and crosses paths with iconic Disney magicians.

The Fairy Godmother from Cinderella unveils her famous spell, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo. Rafiki, the mandrill and great mystic from The Lion King will remind him of the meaning of "The Circle of Life". The Genie from Aladdin performs an eccentric number for him to the tune of the famous song "Friend Like Me". Lumière, the French candlestick from Beauty and the Beast has a surprise in store for him with his new enchanted version of "Be Our Guest". Finally, Elsa, from Frozen, will show him how to…"Let It Go"!

He will learn from each in turn as they share amazing magical moments with him, to help him discover the true meaning of the word "magic".

The magic of the music

The unforgettable songs that helped to make each of these major films such a success have been specially reorchestrated. "Mickey and the Magician" promises the audience great music featuring completely unexpected sounds. For example, "Be Our Guest", the star song from Beauty and the Beast, will feature the sounds of the circus; while "Friend Like Me", sung by the Genie from Aladdin, takes on a Broadway style, integrating tricks and tap dancing. The show also features a brand new song.

A new daily show at the Walt Disney Studios Park

"Mickey and the Magician" will make its debut on 2 July 2016 and will run until 8 January 2017. There will be several Franco-English shows per day at Animagique Theater, Toon Studio, Walt Disney Studios Park.

"Mickey and the Magician" sees Mickey take on a different role and gives the audience another opportunity to see the stars of Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Aladdin and even Frozen come to life on stage. A funny, musical, mischievous and moving show… full of illusions! Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!

Picture and text: copyright Disney

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Breaking News: MAJOR Announcement of New Attractions for Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea with New Artworks, and more!

Oriental Land did a MAJOR announcement today with the press release below announcing plenty of new attractions for Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, and this with dozen of new artworks! Here is the full TDR release, and all this sounds extremely exciting!

Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea Development Plans Confirmed Through Fiscal Year 2020 

URAYASU, CHIBA—Oriental Land Co., Ltd. has announced the plans through fiscal year 2020 (April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021) for the further development of Tokyo Disneyland® and Tokyo DisneySea® Parks.

In the 2014 statement, "Oriental Land Co., Ltd. in 2023," 2023 was set as the target for achieving a constant attendance level of over 30 million Park visitors annually due to sustained Guest satisfaction. Owing in part to the faster-than-expected increase in Park attendance since fiscal year 2014, the target has been brought forward to fiscal year 2020 and a portion of the previously announced investment plan has been reconsidered accordingly.

Through continued investment of about 50 billion Japanese yen annually in the large-scale development of new areas of the Parks and new major attractions, as well as in enhancing the Guest services and facilities, Oriental Land will continue to improve the two Parks in a variety of ways. Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea will continue to evolve with unforgettable theme park experiences that are unlike anywhere else in the world.

1. Tokyo Disneyland Facilities Development Plan
Grand Circuit Raceway, StarJets and some food facilities and shops currently in Tomorrowland will close permanently to make way for the proposed redevelopment. The expansion of Fantasyland will include a theater for live performances and a new area anchored by a major attraction themed to Beauty and the Beast. In neighboring Tomorrowland and Toontown, a new attraction and a Disney Character greeting facility will be opened in each themed land respectively. Total investment for the development of the new area and facilities is expected to be about 75 billion Japanese yen ( $674 Millions ). In addition, plans are being developed for new versions of current attractions and entertainment programs.

This concept image is not an exact representation of the development area of the facilities. © Disney

◆ Beauty and the Beast Area (tentative name)

This new area opening in Fantasyland will let Guests experience the world of the Disney film Beauty and the Beast. With the Beast’s castle and the village where Belle lives, the entire environment of this area will make Guests feel like they are in the film. Located within the Beast’s castle will be a major attraction themed to Beauty and the Beast that can be experienced only in Japan. And in the village, there will be a shop and a restaurant.

Area Overview Facilities: One major attraction, One shop, One restaurant

Attraction Overview Duration: About 8 minutes
Description: Guests board enchanted serving dishes that dance in rhythm to the film’s well-known music and follow Belle on a romantic musical adventure inside the enchanted Castle where she dances her way into the heart of the Beast, just in time to break the fateful spell. Guests will feel like they have entered right into the film.
Opening: Spring 2020 (tentative)
Investment Amount: About 32 billion yen (tentative) ( $287 Millions )

New Area of Fantasyland Overall View

Village in Beauty and the Beast Area (tentative name)

Exterior of Major Attraction

Concept image of Guests experiencing the major attraction
These concept images are subject to change. © Disney 

◆ Live Entertainment Theater (Theater name to be determined)
Opening in a new area of Fantasyland, this will be the first full-scale indoor theater for live entertainment at Tokyo Disneyland. Signature Disney entertainment unique to Tokyo Disneyland and featuring the Disney Friends will be presented in this storybook theater environment. 

Type: Live Entertainment Theater 

Capacity: About 1,500 persons 
Opening: Spring 2020 (tentative) 
Investment Amount: About 17 billion yen (tentative) ( $153 Millions ) 

Exterior of Live Entertainment Theater 

Interior of Live Entertainment Theater 

These concept images are subject to change.
© Disney 

◆ New Attraction themed to the Disney film, Big Hero 6 (Attraction name to be determined) 

A ride-type attraction themed to the Disney film, Big Hero 6, will open in Tomorrowland. Also, for the first time in either Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo DisneySea, a shop themed to outer space and selling popcorn in multiple flavors will open next to the new attraction. 

Type: Ride Duration: About 1.5 minutes 

Description: The lovable robot Baymax, from the Disney film, Big Hero 6, invites Guests to join their own personal healthcare companion for an exciting musical “whip ride” that swings them unpredictably round and round. 
Opening: Spring 2020 (tentative) 
Investment Amount: About 6 billion yen (tentative) ($54 Millions) 

Concept image of Guests experiencing the attraction themed to Big Hero 6 

This concept image is subject to change. © Disney 

◆ New Disney Character Greeting Facility (Facility name to be determined) 

A new Disney Character greeting facility where Guests can meet Minnie Mouse will open in Toontown. 

Description: Minnie Mouse, as a fashion designer, will greet Guests in her studio dressed in fashionable costume. After walking through Minnie’s design studio and her work area with interactive elements, Guests can meet Minnie in person, take pictures with her, and generally spend a memorable time together. 

Opening: Spring 2020 (tentative) 
Investment Amount: About 2 billion yen (tentative) ( $18 Millions ) 

Concept image of Guests experiencing the new Disney Character greeting facility

This concept image is subject to change. © Disney 

Notes: To make way for the new development areas and the new facilities, the following attractions in Tomorrowland will close: Grand Circuit Raceway in January 2017 and StarJets in autumn-winter 2017. 

2. Tokyo DisneySea Facilities Development Plan

A large scale, simulator type attraction will open at Mediterranean Harbor in Tokyo DisneySea. In addition, plans are being developed for new versions of current attractions and entertainment programs. 

Area to Be Developed 

This concept image is not an exact representation of the development area of the facility. © Disney 

◆ New Attraction at Mediterranean Harbor 

A simulator attraction, Soarin’ (tentative name), will open at Mediterranean Harbor in Tokyo DisneySea. This very popular attraction, which has been enjoyed by Guests visiting the Disney parks outside Japan, can now be experienced at Tokyo DisneySea with original scenes and the newest visual images. 

Type: Simulator 

Duration: About 5 minutes 
Description: Guests who visit the attraction overlooking Mediterranean Harbor will be able experience a journey soaring over famous landscapes of the world, while feeling the breezes and scents that match the various scenes. 
Opening: Fiscal year 2019 (tentative)
Investment Amount: About 18 billion yen (tentative) ( $161 Millions ) 

Exterior of Soarin’ (tentative name) 

Concept image of the Guests experiencing Soarin’ (tentative name) 

The above concept images are subject to change. © Disney 

3. Human resource development and maintenance of environments at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea Parks

Oriental Land will expand the systems to educate and train Cast Members, thus raising their level of knowledge and skills for providing services to Guests, and together with communication measures and enriched award systems, will further promote the creation of work environments where Cast Members can sense their own growth and feel satisfaction in their work. Through these efforts, Cast Members, who play an essential role in Disney parks, will be able to offer Guests an even higher level of hospitality. 

In addition to expansion plans for attractions and entertainment programs, other measures will be taken to improve Guest experiences at the Parks shops, restaurants and service facilities. 

4. Plans for fiscal year 2021 and after

Investment plans for the further development of Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, applicable for fiscal year 2021 and after, are currently being considered by Oriental Land. For Tokyo Disneyland, the new development plans will apply to all seven themed lands, including Fantasyland as mentioned earlier in this release. An area-based development for each themed land, to take place in stages, is intended to leave a lasting impact on the Park. 

The large-scale development plans for Tokyo DisneySea, making use of multiple expansion sites, are meant to achieve a rapid evolution of the only Disney park themed to the sea, and thereby broadly raising the degree of Guest satisfaction from both a qualitative and quantitative standpoint. 

In addition, Oriental Land intends to investigate various ways to add more value to Tokyo Disney Resort® as a whole, such as increasing the number of guest rooms at the hotels within the Resort. Moreover, regarding plans for further growth through new business other than the Tokyo Disney Resort business, Oriental Land will continue planning for a new and separate business segment that is not constrained by a specific timeframe.

Note: Other development plans to add value to Tokyo Disney Resort, other than those mentioned in this release, are currently under consideration. Those plans will be announced as soon as they are determined. 

All Artworks: copyright Disney - Oriental Land Co.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

More Shanghaî Disneyland Awesomeness with a New 360° View of the Park !

The good folks who did the stunning high-res 360° view of Shanghaî Disneyland two weeks ago are back with a new 360° view, and this time the drone was positioned right over the Voyage to the Crystal Grotto boat ride, providing us a closer look at all Fantasyland rides and buildings, and more!

Here weeee go, and as usual click on each screen shot to enlarge the image.

The next picture was shot right over Voyage to the Crystal Grotto where most of the scenes are in place, though it seems to me that the Fantasia scene miss some elements..

SDL Fantasyland. The Peter Pan's Flight ride is on the top right.

Next, Seven Dwarfs Mine ride and on the left the Wnnie the Pooh area with the Winnie dark ride show building and in front the Pooh Hunny pots spin.

A closer shot of the Seven Dwarfs Mine ride which seems to don't have any changes with the Florida version.

The Frozen theatre and the Tangled tavern in the center - left and right - and a bit of Voyage to the Crystal Grotto on the bottom, with the backstage area showing the lad available for future expansion in the background.

Before moving to others lands, here is another screen capture on which you have the whole Fantasyland attractions on one shot.

On the next picture, Treasure Cove - and Adventure Isle in the background - and the Wandering Moon Teahouse on the center right. And on the second pic below the Fantasia Carousel .

And a close shot of Adventure Isle...

Another view of Fantasyland and SDL Tomorrowland in the background!

A closer view of Tomorrowland reveal that trees were added recently, adding some life to this land which needs it.

One last aerial shot with this perfect picture of the Shanghaî Disney Resort station, near Wishing Star lake, the one from where you'll probably exit when you'll go at the park.

See you soon for more Shanghaî Disneyland awesomeness and in the meantime jump to the page of this new 360° view to explore by yourself Shanghaî Disneyland Fantasyland!